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Special Gift: Super Mario Book

Super Mario Book

To celebrate the fourth anniversary of the Mario Marathon, the Penguin Group is offering a special gift to the first 500 donors.

Author Jeff Ryan is going to share a special electronic preview copy of his new book, SUPER MARIO: HOW NINTENDO CONQUERED AMERICA. It's not being published until August, but the first 500 people to donate to the Mario Marathon will receive a free electronic review copy.

You may know Nintendo games inside and out, but how much do you know about the company itself? In the past 20 years, Nintendo went from a struggling six-person startup to an industry giant now valued at over $85 billion. In 2009, BusinessWeek ranked Nintendo ahead of Google and Apple on its list of top global companies.

In the book, Jeff explores the innovations and shrewd business strategies that paved the way for Nintendo's success. Among the stories:

  • The lawsuit over Donkey Kong's similarity to King Kong, which Nintendo won by using Universal's own words (and their own knockoff game) against them.
  • How Sonic, the speedy hare to Mario's steady tortoise, lost the race, as SEGA sunk from home console competitor to third-party developer.
  • How a brief series of Phillips CD games turned a rare Nintendo licensing deal into a punch line.
  • The unexpected approach that allowed Nintendo to reinvent itself as the gaming system for the non-gamer, grabbing market share by creating a new market.

We'll be emailing directions for downloading this free review copy to the first 500 donors once the marathon ends. You'll be among the first people to see the book. Thanks again for participating in the Mario Marathon and for supporting Child's Play!

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Electronic review copies of the book will be provided via NetGalley and can be read on your computer or various devices.

Each e-mail address used to donate is limited to a single edition of the book. Access to the electronic review edition may be for a limited duration. Distribution of books is the responsibility of the Penguin Group.



Super Mario Book Special Gift: Super Mario book

Author Jeff Ryan is sharing a special e-book review copy of his new book, SUPER MARIO: How Nintendo Conquered America with the first 500 donors.

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