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The GrubberGamer Family Makes a Mega-Mario Sized Contribution!


In its first three years, Mario Marathon has raised over $125,000 for Child's Play Charity, it's no question that we have a lot of supporters. Individuals have spent hundreds of hours and donated thousands of dollars through the Mario Marathon. We've had contributions of incredible artwork, technical knowledge, and contest sponsorships, but nothing like what showed up at Mario Marathon headquarters this past Saturday.

Before we get to that, let's go back a few years to Mario Marathon 2. If you were watching, you will likely remember the letter we read from Jeff. His daughter, Tiffany, spent a brief time in a children's hospital, became a huge Mario fan, and eventually took this full circle making a donation during Mario Marathon 2. The e-mail provided a touching story of a proud parent which I cannot summarize; instead I've included Jeff's original e-mail below:

At age 7 months, my daughter - Tiffany - had to visit a Pennsylvania area children's hospital. Thankfully, it didn't prove to be anything serious.

When she was three years old, I was a crazy proud parent when she finished the first level of Super Mario Brothers. I think I hugged her a little too hard. :-)

I can remember the first time she beat Bowser-zilla in Yoshi's Island. When I came home from work and found she had finished Luigi's Mansion already. All of those two-player SMB3 sessions with her Mom. Sitting and playing Paper Mario for hours, with her brother watching as if it was a favorite movie.

She's grown into one of the biggest Mario fans you'd ever know.

Nintendo definitely had her in mind when they decided to license Mario and friends for merchandise - half my wardrobe consists of Mario clothing, thanks to her. :-)

And today - at age 19 - I watched her pull $10 out of her purse to donate to the Mario Marathon, to support an awesome group of guys and gals, supporting an awesome charity for children's hospitals.

How cool is that?!? :-D

Keep up the great work!

Jeff, Tiffany, and the rest of the family

Jump forward to March 2011, when we receive another e-mail from Jeff. At the time, he had an extra copy of Super Mario All-Stars Wii which he was interested in contributing as a prize and offered to take a shopping trip with his daughter to pick up a few additional items if we would accept them.

I didn't connect the dots at first, but this was the same Jeff and daughter Tiffany that had provided the prior mentioned highlight during Mario Marathon 2. We're happy to accept contributions, so of course we accepted.

Over the next month Jeff provided periodic updates and I learned about his new gaming deals website and decided to promote that new service as a prize sponsor. So, consider checking that out when you need a new game. Their twitter feed, occasionally, has some really great deals.

That brings us to this past Saturday. At around noon I received a knock on the door. The mailman was there and said, "I have four giant boxes for you, please sign this." He proceeded to bring four, very large boxes, addressed to Mario Marathon, from

GrubberGamer Boxes

About an hour later John "Couch Guy" came over to my house and together we unpacked what seemed like an endless amount of Mario games and merchandise. Jeff and Tiffany must have purchased every Mario themed item available in their hometown. This blew away our initial expections of a copy of Super Mario All-Stars. In fact, their contribution included four copies of that game!

Later, my wife came home to a massive pile-of-Mario which we spent an entire day sorting and assigning to contests and raffles. Soon we will be updating the contests page with contest details and photos of the fabulous prizes you can win, in no small part, thanks to Jeff and Tiffany and the entire GrubberGamer family.

The Mario Marathon is nothing without the community and this generous contribution highlights how amazing the community really is!

Thank you,
The Mario Marathon Team



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