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As a child, my years were filled with excitement. I, like nearly everyone else, had a subscription to Nintendo Power Magazine. That meant that every two months (later monthly) I would receive all of the latest tips, tricks, maps, and guides a kid could hope for. Who could forget the value of knowing 007-373-5963 to fight Mike Tyson or Up-Over-Down-Over to navigate that pesky lost forest in Zelda. Nintendo Power was awesome!

Nintendo Power

Receiving Nintendo Power was cool, but could you imagine if your name showed up on one of the pages? You would be the most famous kid in school! A true legend. Luckily, Nintendo Power provided just that opportunity. You could mail in photographic evidence of a high score or write a letter to the editor. I tried both, never earning my status as a gaming legend. Eventually, my subscription to Nintendo Power stopped arriving.

That was, until last week! On Friday I received not one, but two issues of Nintendo Power in my mailbox courtesy of a present from my lovely wife Shanna. Not only did I once again have a subscription to the ultimate source in Nintendo gaming news, but this time, this time it was MY TIME! Twenty years after receiving my first issue, I was finally mentioned, even photographed, in Nintendo Power Magazine!

Nintendo Power

Freelance writer Nathan Meunier put together not one, but two pieces on the Mario Marathon for the publication. One covers the FLUDD and Propeller Helmet we made for last year's marathon, the other covers our charitable efforts in a broader sense with a story on the Mario Marathon itself.

Of course, my friends no longer subscribe, and the co-workers I have lunch with aren't likely to be impressed. But somewhere, someone from my grade school might run across an issue, and if they make it to page 92-95 I'll be a legend!

You can pickup your copy of the February 2011 issue anywhere Nintendo Power is sold.



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